The 9th Silk Road International Film Festival Call for Submissions

city newsPublished: 2022-05-10 12:59:26

Floor 1, No. 1719, Folk Culture Street Gaobeidian, Chaoyang District

Beijing 100024, China

Mobile:+86 150 0105 9907


The preview screener of the submitted film should meet the following criteria:

-Format: MOV or MP4 video file with at least 1920*1080;

-File size must not exceed 5GB;

-Subtitled in English (including films for which the original language version is in English);

-The only acceptable watermark is “SRIFF Preview” on the upper right corner of the frame;

-Send a preview screener in the original version.

If you submit an online screener, it must be valid with the same password until 19th September 2022.

If you send a copy (DVD, USB, Hard Disk), the cost of sending the package will be paid by the submitter. The Festival reserves the right to refuse any shipments entailing additional costs. Copy sent for pre-selection will not be returned. The Festival accepts no responsibility for damage suffered during the delivery of the copy to the festival. Please send the package with the following customs declaration: “no commercial value, for cultural purposes only”.


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