An Invitation to Global Scholars to XAUAT “Yanta Scholar Cloud Forum”

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An Invitation to Global Scholars to XAUAT “Yanta Scholar Cloud Forum”

Date: October 26, 2022


Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology(XAUAT) is located in Xi'an (Shaanxi Province), an ancient capital of thirteen dynasties. It is a high-level university with key construction in Shaanxi Province, funded jointly by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Shaanxi Provincial Government. After 66 years of unremitting efforts, XAUAT has developed into a multidisciplinary university with characteristic disciplines (civil engineering and architecture, environment and municipal administration, material and metallurgy and other related disciplines), main disciplines (engineering technology) and other disciplines (literature, science, economics, management, art and law).

The eighth forum of “Yanta scholars” includes two parts: cloud introduction and cloud communication. We invite  young talented scholars all around the world to gather in the university to participate academic discussions and communication on cutting-edge science and technology in related fields. Promote the connection and cooperation between the scholars and teachers of relevant disciplines of our university, deepen the comprehensive understanding of the participating scholars to XAUAT, and facilitate the outstanding talents to come to our university to make contributions and establish careers.

Related Schools and Disciplines

An Invitation to Global Scholars to XAUAT “Yanta Scholar Cloud Forum”

New disciplines of High-level Talents Gain-Brain

Information technology fields: information industry, big data, artificial intelligence, 5G technology, industrial Internet, communication network, Internet of Things, etc.

New materials domain: special functional materials, high-performance composite materials, etc.

Energy saving and environmental protection fields: high efficiency and energy saving, advanced environmental protection, resource utilization, etc.

Other research fields identified as meeting the important strategic needs of the state and the interdisciplinary development of schools.


The applicant should have a doctoral degree, or be a doctoral graduate, aged 40 or below;

The applicant  should have made outstanding academic achievements in their domains, and have the experience of studying abroad or joint training in well-known overseas universities is preferred;

The applicant should have innovative thinking and have the potential to become a top young talent;

The applicant should have good academic and professional ethics.


The applicant can click notice of the 8th Yanta scholar forum of Xi'an University of architecture and technology on the homepage of the Personnel department ( to download and fill in the application form;

Send the application form together with the applicant's resume as an attachment to the email address: name the email subject as "Yanta scholar Forum application + name + major + highest degree graduate institution".

Deadline for application: October. 23, 2022.


October 26: Morning: opening ceremony of  Yanta Scholars Forum & Keynote session (Cloud Introduction);

October 26: Participate in the sub forum activities of each college (cloud communication);

The specific arrangement and participation mode of the sub forum will be updated in the future.


Invited scholars should prepare academic reports in advance according to their research  fields.

Personnel Department, XAUAT

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